Finnish online private lessons in Virtual Classroom

To take Finnish private lessons in Virtual Classroom with a teacher from Institut Nòrdic is a good option for those who cannot attend the scheduled groups.

Nothing is better than having a qualified teacher. In our Virtual Classroom you will have one, you do not have to move, the hours are flexible and you will progress at your own pace. The private lessons can be either one on one or two at a time.

All our teachers at Institut Nòrdic are native and specialists in teaching nordic languages.

If you are interested, please contact us at

Finnish online private lessons

  • Online private lessons in Finnish
  • Duration of lessons: 55 minutes
  • Material not included in the price
  • Classes for one student: 35 euro/ lesson
  • Classes for two students: 50 euro/lesson

The online lessons are very similar to the face-to-face lessons. With the best tecnology the teacher and the student share a virtual classroom as if they were at our school. This way the student can participate in the classroom from anywhere in the world.

How does Virtual Classroom work?

A language lesson in Virtual Classroom is almost exactly the same as an in-person one,  except that you can attend it wherever you are. The environment includes all the essential elements for learning.

  • Audiovisual contact in real time, 100% uninterrupted with the teacher and the other student
  • Digital whiteboard
  • Instant chat
  • Possibility to share whiteboard and documents

What are the basic rules for the private lessons in Virtual Classroom?

Before starting the course, each student will have a personal technical session with the teacher to make sure their system meets the necessary requirements for the lesson. The student is responsible for the good function of his/her Internet connection.

Please check the general conditions at Institut Nòrdic regarding Virtual Classroom.

Who are the teachers?

The teachers at Virtual Classroom are the same as in the face-to-face lessons at Institut Nòrdic. All are native speakers.

What requirements are necessary?

The students should have an updated computer with a good Internet connection, web camera, earphones and microphone. No previous knowledge of the language is needed.